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Build a working understanding of trauma, and learn how to do what you do, better. 


Not sure where to start?

 Dig in with TraumaRoot.

What is Trauma?


Trauma is an event or environment that changes our senses of safety, control, and identity. Traumatic experiences have lasting effects on our brains, bodies, and behavior.

There are lots of different ways to cope with trauma, and heal from it, but simply waiting it out just doesn't work.

TraumRoot Can Help

For more videos in this series that TraumaRoot

produced for the East Harlem COAD, click here.

Identify the ways trauma affects our brains, bodies, and behavior

Improve your communication and build stronger relationships

Approach your work in a trauma-informed way

Cultivate flexible and inclusive spaces 

Facilitate recovery and resilience for yourself and others

Define your role in eliminating the systemic causes of trauma


TraumaRoot can help you...


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