About TraumaRoot


To support individuals and organizations in developing a working understanding of trauma, and in facilitating recovery and resilience for themselves and others.

Values Pledge

I will cultivate educational experiences that are affirming, accessible, and actionable. 

I will be a constant student and practitioner of antiracism and intentional inclusion. 

I will remember that individuals and communities know themselves best.

I will maintain transparency, and I will accept feedback with gratitude and purpose. 

I will approach this work with both humility and leadership.

Important Note on Antiracism

I am an antiracist educator. I am not an antiracism educator. 

I provide trauma education from an antiracist perspective, not antiracism education.

As a white person, I am responsible for examining my personal and professional life to identify the ways that my actions uphold white supremacy, and for working to dismantle it in everything I do. As an antiracist educator, I am committed to a lifelong practice of self-examination, education, and action. 

As a white person, I do not belong in the space of antiracism education. If you are looking for an antiracism educator, please understand that you should not hire white educators to lead antiracism work. If you need help identifying someone, please reach out to me and I'm happy to help. If you are a BIPOC educator on antiracism and/or trauma, and would like me to share your information with potential clients, please contact me at evy@traumaroot.com.

About Evy


I'm Evy Yeager, founder and director of TraumaRoot.

I am an advocate, writer, and educator.


As a survivor of trauma, I have spent my life working to understand and address the ways that trauma affects our brains, bodies, and behavior. As a former client of an organization serving trauma survivors, I can help you understand how trauma affects your clients, and how you can serve them better. As a former employee of organizations serving people who have experienced trauma, I can help you transform your organizational culture and set up your staff for success. As a lifelong learner,  I combine personal experience and professional expertise with ongoing coursework and self-directed study in neurobiology, social justice, and trauma-informed systems. 

Education and Training


Emergency & Disaster Management M.P.S.

Georgetown University

Journalism & Political Science B.A.

University of Georgia


Trauma-Informed Organizations Certificate

University of Buffalo School of Social Work

Trauma-Informed Clinical Foundation Certificate

University of Buffalo School of Social Work

Trauma Response and Crisis Intervention Certificate

Rutgers School of Social Work (in progress)


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