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Content Writing

TraumaRoot produces high-performing content for print, web, and social media. 

TraumaRoot's content speaks to advocates, clients, donors, and funders alike.

(Spoiler alert: trauma survivors exist in all of these groups!)

Here are some examples:

New York Legal Assistance Group

Trauma Basics for Survivors and Advocates in the Legal System

HBO - "The Tale"

5 Ways to Support Someone Who Has Experienced Trauma


Spectrum of Abuse

Training & Workshops

Check back soon for summer 2020 training calendar. 

Register as an individual or contact me to schedule a session exclusively for your group.

Trauma, Recovery,

& Resilience 101


Deepen your working knowledge of how trauma affects our brains, bodies and behavior. Learn to recognize how the effects of trauma come up for yourself and others, and identify strategies for addressing them.

Coping Workshop

Identify the ways we cope with trauma, and try out new methods. Engage in a choose-your-own-adventure exploration of various strategies & tools. Learn the science behind how they work.

Trauma-Informed Communication

Identify trauma-related barriers to communication and connection in your personal and professional life. Learn how to build stronger relationships, and how to advocate for yourself and others. 

Organizational Change

Staff Training

HR Policy Review

Program Development

Facilities Design


Marketing Content


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