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Online Classes
Trauma, Recovery & Resilience 2 hrs.

Deepen your working knowledge of how trauma and extreme stress affect our brains, bodies and behavior. Understand the elements of trauma recovery and how to cultivate them. Identify coping & healing tools that work for you, not against you. Cultivate resilience for yourself and the people in your life. 

For Organizations
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For Individuals
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Trauma-Informed Organizations 1 hr.

Understand the breadth and depth of trauma-informed practice, and identify your professional role in addressing trauma. Whatever your position in your organization is, learn how to bring a trauma-informed approach to your work and professional relationships. 

For Organizations

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For Individuals




Coping Tools

Communication Tools

Defining Your Professional Role

    in Addressing Trauma

Effects of Trauma on Brain,

   Body, and Behavior

Elements of Resilience

Elements of Trauma Recovery

Grounding Tools

Hand Model of the Brain


Supporting Your Clients

Supporting Your Loved Ones

Supporting Your Staff/Coworkers

Trauma Myths & Misunderstandings

Triggers & Trauma Reactions


Adverse Childhood Experiences


Barriers to Healing Upheld by

   "Helping" Professionals

Trauma & the DSM

Trauma-Sensitive Programs

Vicarious Trauma & Vicarious 



Becoming a Trauma-Informed 


Collective & Community


Developmental Trauma 

Historical & Generational


Identity-Based Trauma*

Polyvagal Theory

Racial Trauma*

Resilience Mapping

Custom Classes

Custom classes are always available. Contact me at to discuss your group's needs. 

Some topics to choose from include:

*These trainings will have co-facilitators.

In-Person Classes

Due to COVID-19, this option is not currently available.