Training & Workshops

Online Training

Coming in June 2020! Check back on or after

May 25th for registration info. Trainings will be

pay-what-you can, to ensure universal access. 

Coping during COVID-19

Deepen your working knowledge of how trauma and extreme stress affect our brains, bodies and behavior. Learn new ways to cultivate resilience, for yourself and the people in your life.

In-Person Training

Trauma, Recovery 

& Resilience 101


Deepen your working knowledge of how trauma affects our brains, bodies and behavior. Learn to recognize how the effects of trauma come up for yourself and others, and identify strategies for addressing them.

Coping Skills Immersion

Identify the ways we cope with trauma, and try out new methods. Engage in a choose-your-own-adventure exploration of various strategies & tools. Learn the science behind how they work.




Identify trauma-related barriers to communication and connection in your personal and professional life. Learn how to build stronger relationships, and how to advocate for yourself and others. 


Let's dig in.


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